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Charts 1100 Github

Multi-library chart package to create interactive charts using laravel.

Laralum 89 Github

Laralum - Laravel 5.3 Administration Panel

UIAdmin 44 Github

UIAdmin - UI Kit 3 Responsive Admin Panel

Links 39 Github

Links statistics & link tracking for laravel 5, It tracks down browsers, operating systems, languages and more

Apify 22 Github

API generator for Laravel 5

Invoices 21 Github

Generate PDF invoices for your customers in laravel

Bootpack 6 Github

Laravel 5 package bootstraper.

Profanity 5 Github

PHP library to block bad words in a string

Identify 5 Github

Laravel 5 Package to identify a User's Browser, Operating System, Language and Device, forked from unicodeveloper/laravel-identify

Payzap 4 Github

Simple paypal payments for laravel

Noxen 2 Github

Simple PHP CMS

Polaris 1 Github

URL redirector made with VueJS

Rankify 1 Github

Show your league of legends ranked statistics live on OBS / XSplit

StudentTemplate 1 Github

Pandoc LaTeX Student Template

Support 1 Github

ConsoleTVs support library

Stream-URL-Shorter 0 Github

Youtube Stream - URL Shorter

UPC-LaTeX-Template 0 Github

UPC LaTeX Template

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