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Charts 1228 Github

Multi-library chart package to create interactive charts using laravel.

Bootpack 222 Github

Laravel 5 package bootstraper.

Laralum 91 Github

Laralum - Laravel 5.3 Administration Panel

UIAdmin 61 Github

UIAdmin - UI Kit 3 Responsive Admin Panel

Links 44 Github

Links statistics & link tracking for laravel 5, It tracks down browsers, operating systems, languages and more

Invoices 42 Github

Generate PDF invoices for your customers in laravel

Apify 25 Github

API generator for Laravel 5

Identify 12 Github

Laravel 5 Package to identify a User's Browser, Operating System, Language and Device, forked from unicodeveloper/laravel-identify

Profanity 10 Github

PHP library to block bad words in a string

Payzap 6 Github

Simple paypal payments for laravel

Support 5 Github

ConsoleTVs support library

Nuky 4 Github

Moden UIKit 3 Administration panel

Noxen 2 Github

Simple PHP CMS

StudentTemplate 2 Github

Pandoc LaTeX Student Template

Polaris 1 Github

URL redirector made with VueJS

Rankify 1 Github

Show your league of legends ranked statistics live on OBS / XSplit

Stream-URL-Shorter 0 Github

Youtube Stream - URL Shorter

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