Erik Campobadal

Website designer & developer

Expert website developer

I'm an ICT system engineer expert in website development with more than 5 years of experience. I use the most reliable and secure frameworks to achieve secure applications on delivery. I also develop open source libraries found on my github account, some of them have more than 65.000 downloads.

Improve your online presence

Having the right website is very important, your website is the first thing customers take a look at, if the can remeber it in a nice way it will improve your reputation and will increase your customer satisfaction. This will also help you get more renueve out of online sales while keeping everybody happy & safe.

No closed code

Delivering the right application is very important, I do not deliver the application in a closed-source code, you'll be able to read every single line in the final product to ensure the transparency of the application. Nevertheless in some special cases there might be closed-source parts of the application depending on the needs.

Flexible pricing

Every application is diferent, and so is the price. Depending on your needs and the ammount of work the requested application needs, there will be a diferent pricing applied in order to ensure you do not end up paying more than expected. This will ensure you always pay the right ammount.

Server management

I also install and maintain your application in the given server. This feature will require ssh access and the server to be owned by the customer. The pricing varies depending on the application needs and the customer specifications on the performance and traffic expectations.


Every application comes with 1 year of guarantee and support for questions regarding to the application. You can always extend the support period to ensure you can always get the right answers when you need them.

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